28th January 2013


Entry 1

Life really blows you know that? Like really blows. And what do we do to stop that? Nothing because all we end up doing is telling ourselves that we just will get them next time, or that tomorrows a brand new day for us to make our own and shit. But in all reality for those select few who actually believe that they were able to turn their lives around with their positive thinking are just full of shit. No. Positivity will not get you through tomorrow because no matter how much you spice up your life it will still taste like week old chicken soup. Bland and tasteless as ever. Now you all are thinking Woah this guy is just sad and can’t back himself up worth shit, and to that I say. Fine believe that. But I can tell you from personal experience that it isn’t about how much you study or how much work you put in because in the end it’s about what people think of you….or how well you play football but you know what that just adds to the gloriousness of.modern society. So to you select few who get the cake in life, enjoy it because there are millions of us out there just wanting a slice and I’m done begging for it. I’m done trying my hardest and getting nothing in return. I’m done putting my heart on the line for people to just throw it back in to get some bigger fish. And most of all, I’m done really truly trying to understand what the fuck some people think of me because they already know. That won’t change, and even if it does I will be that guy who used to be that way. So go forth young Earth children. Go forth and make what you can for yourself because in the end you will just end up back here. Reading an angry blog about the way of life. Life sucks and then you die. The end

26th June 2011